The COVID-19 Omicron Variant is Here: Don’t Lose Guard

It is no longer new news that there is a new COVID-19 variant called the Omicron circulating the world. Just when we thought we were beating COVID-19 to its game, another variant crept up on us when we were least expecting it. And as crazy and exhausting as this may seem for us, we need to be on our guard 100% to remain alive for ourselves and our loved ones. 


A breakthrough infection is one where a person contracts the COVID-19 virus disease despite being fully vaccinated. Different vaccine breakthrough infections have happened in Nigeria and are still happening. A lot of people are dying despite being vaccinated against COVID-19. The main question for those who want to travel abroad for medical treatment or other reasons and people who want to go about their normal daily lives is how do we protect ourselves from this deadly virus? 

Scientists and researchers keep working day and night to find the perfect solution to beat COVID-19. One possible solution is the COVID-19 Antibody and Immunity test. This test can tell if a person has any antibodies to help fight a Covid-19 viral infection, either from having been infected with coronavirus in the past or from being vaccinated. With just a sample of your blood, the test can detect the presence of Covid-19 specific antibodies, including Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common type of antibody. 

Your report will provide a quantitative result that relates to the level of Covid-19 antibodies within your sample and whether the level is low, medium, high or not detected. This innovative Antibody and Immunity test can go a long way in giving people information about the level of protection they have from either vaccination or natural exposure to the virus. It can potentially highlight people who have poor immune responses and inform them about their need to take extra care.

The good news about this test is that it is easy to take. With an easy-to-use sample collection kit, test blood samples can be collected from the comfort of your own home. This sample is returned to the laboratory to be analysed for antibodies. The COVID-19 Antibody and Immunity test is available at Smart DNA Nigeria. Visit for more details. 

COVID-19 is still out there and we need to do everything in our power to be safe. We can fight this.