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Disease Predisposition

Your Genetic Report tells you the likelihood of you contracting large numbers of known diseases (from oncology to ophthalmology, gynecology diseases, and so on). This is compared with the average risk of individuals of your same race, age, and sex from a specific geographic area. Smart DNA gives you the opportunity to take the necessary measures to ward off or prevent the development of these diseases in the future. And after you have received your test results, we will continue to support you and offer you our confidential help.

Benefits of Diagnostic Analysis

>> Accurate Diagnosis

For a lot of disorders, genetic testing is the only way to make an accurate diagnosis and help avoid additional unnecessary clinical investigation.

>> Suitable Therapy & Support

Genetic testing can guide the clinician in choosing the most suitable therapy and support for the patient.

>> Patients & Families

A definitive diagnosis can be a great relief to patients and their families, especially if they have been searching for the answer for a long time.

>> Patient’s Life

For some genetics diseases,like hereditary cancer, advanced monitoring and early intervention may save a patient’s life.

Types of Diagnostics Test

>> Diagnosis Testing

It is offered to patients to identify genetic mutations that may be causing symptoms and to confirm or rule out a diagnosis

>> Carrier Testing

is our carrier testing option that helps to assess if a healthy person is a carrier of a recessive genetic disease.

>> Oncology Testing

Is offered to patients to identify genetic mutations that may be causing symptoms and to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

>> Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing identifies disease-causing mutations in at-risk couples or pregnancies before birth and is offered for congenital or early-onset diseases. Prenatal testing is given the highest priority.

How It Works

Here is a step by step procedure on how diagnostic test works

>> Test Portal

Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage the diagnostic reports, follow the status of the samples, and request a genetic, biochemical, or biomarker study.

>> Test Card

Utilizing our own dried blood spot (DBS) technology, we can streamline the process of gathering and sending patient samples. Global access to diagnostic testing is made possible through CentoCard.

>> Test Report

Once your samples have been properly collected, we come to pick them up at your specified address.

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