The Covid-19 Omicron Variant is Looming, What’s Next?

The story of Alan Sporn accounts for just one of the countless untold COV1D-19 cases that exist. It is necessary that whatever your COVID-19 history may be – vaccinated or unvaccinated, you are conscious of the slight similarities that may exist between you and Alan Sporn. 

In May 2021, it was reported in the United States that Alan Sporn, who had been fully vaccinated, lost his life to the deadly coronavirus. According to his daughter, he was out having lunch with his friends (one of whom tested positive for the virus after the meal) when he started feeling the COVID-19 symptoms. He was later hospitalized as he tested positive for the virus, and was revealed to have ONLY 8 antibodies, despite the body normally having thousands of antibodies – especially after being vaccinated. This is not to undermine the efficacy of vaccinations, but to draw attention to the fact that immunity is very relative. Some individuals have strong immune systems, while others don’t. What is unfortunate though, is that a lot of people with weak immunities are ignorant of their status or underlying health conditions. Thus, throwing caution to the wind, because they believe the vaccination gives them 100% protection. 

When speaking to the media, Bonnie Sporn expressed her regret on not getting an antibody test for her dad, which would have helped her discover his low antibody count, and of course, be more cautious and monitor him regularly. 

Bringing it closer to home, the demise of Chief Ladi Williams resonates with us, Nigerians. Although he was fully vaccinated, he was reported to have passed away due to COVID-19 complications. 

The cases of Alan Sporn and Chief Ladi Williams, are known as “breakthrough cases” in which a person who has been fully vaccinated gets the virus. Although the vaccination makes one less susceptible to severe symptoms, it is reported that there are still individuals who die or are hospitalized even after being fully vaccinated. It is necessary to find out whether you, as a vaccinated individual, are at severe risk, due to underlying issues or other factors you may not be aware of.  Vaccination is absolutely not synonymous with immunization, and there is only so much a vaccination can do if your immune system is already compromised. 

Now that the Omicron variant is here, we need to go the extra mile in our safety precautions. This is the essence of a COVID-19 antibody test – it provides you with necessary information on your immunity response to the virus. Having this information allows you to make important health and lifestyle decisions.  This test is available in Lagos, at Smart DNA Nigeria. 

For those who are unvaccinated, this test is equally important, as they are more at risk. If you do not plan on being vaccinated, it is of necessity to take the COVID-19 antibody test, so you have an idea of how strong or weak your antibodies will be in fighting off the virus if you contract it. 

The COVID-19 antibody test uses your blood sample to detect the presence of COVID-19 specific antibodies, including immunoglobulin (IgG), the most common type of antibody. The antibodies are gotten either by vaccination or previous exposure to the virus. However, there are several other factors involved. Some individuals have few antibodies, even with the vaccine. Equally, it is possible to be unvaccinated and have a decent immunity response level to the virus. But even then, a high response level does not mean the virus cannot be contracted. 

The Smart DNA COVID-19 antibody test is available as a test kit, which provides convenience, as you can do the test from wherever you are. Visit for more details. It is important that we continue to stay safe and follow all the guidelines. COVID-19 is VERY REAL. May God continue to protect us all. COVID-19 will not be our portion.