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Smart DNA is a leading DNA testing centre based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide fully accredited DNA testing service to clients in accordance with the highest international standards. 

Formed in partnership with some of the preeminent Biotechnology companies and labs in the world, Smart DNA offers the most comprehensive sets of DNA tests in Nigeria. Our DNA tests have been recognized by the NCBI, the most important genetic organisation in the world. 

Our team of well-trained professionals also ensure that the entire testing process is as seamless as possible while maintaining fast turnaround times.

Whether you seek to establish paternity, family relationship or test your disposition to hundreds of common diseases, we are here to help. 

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These Are Some Of Our Tests

Paternity Testing

DNA paternity testing focused on providing people with the answers they need. 

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Genetic Predisposition To Diseases

Discover your genetic predisposition to develop over 100 diseases with this test.

Complex Diseases

Pharmacological Compactibility

Why don’t some medicines have the effect you expected? Discover which ones.

Medicine/Drug List


Are you predisposed to obesity? How would your response to exercise or diet be? Find out interesting details about yourself.

List of Wellness

Personal Traits

Would you have a tendency to gambling? Do you have a genetic predisposition to avoid mistakes?

List of Personal Traits


Do you want to know your ancestry? Discover who your ancestors are through your genetic makeup.

More About Ancestry

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