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Smart DNA offers fully accredited DNA testing to clients all over Nigeria. At Smart DNA, results are always ready in 5 to 7 working days, after the collection of your samples. We test 21 genetic markers to give you accurate results you can rely on. We understand that your decision to seek a DNA test is a sensitive issue especially in a country like Nigeria, and this is why we have a team of fully trained individuals to ensure that we make the procedure as seamless as possible.  Our services are accessible to not only individuals but courts, embassies and immigration offices. Our home paternity test is 99.99% accurate and starts from just #120,000.

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Our DNA Testing Services

We offer immediate and comprehensive DNA testing services focused on providing individuals with the answers they need. Our services include Infidelity testing, Immigration paternity DNA testing, Paternity DNA testing and Legal (Court) Paternity DNA testing. We would love to provide you with clear answers to your questions. Whether you seek to establish paternity, prove sibling-ship or research genealogy, for legal or other purposes, we are always ready to help. Using the best equipment and latest technology we can provide you with conclusive evidence in no time, professionally and confidentially. Smart DNA can meet all your needs and testing requirements, giving you solutions and answers you seek in the best possible way. 

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