Personal Paternity Test

A personal paternity (Peace of Mind) test is the simplest and quickest way to confirm whether or not an alleged man is the biological father of a child. The procedure involves collecting and examining the DNA of a small sample of bodily fluid or tissue from a child and the alleged father. You can either have the test sample collected at our office or from the comfort of your home. 

Personal Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity testing specifically seeks to determine if a father-child relationship exists between two individuals. This is done through looking for matches in genetic markers between the concerned individuals to determine how likely it is that a parent-child relationship exists between them.

The test involves collecting samples (that is just simple mouth swab or toothbrush where discretion is needed) from the alleged father and the child. This test can also be analysed including the mother’s samples (optional)

At Smart DNA, your collected DNA samples are tested and reviewed in a laboratory that is accredited to the highest international standard, ISO 9001, a certification awarded to facilities that display outstanding excellence in their methods and procedures. We also understand that the issue of paternity is a very sensitive issue in Nigeria; this is why we ensure the testing process is carried out in a confidential manner.

How Personal Paternity DNA Testing Works

Here is a step by step procedure on how to book a Personal Paternity DNA Test at Smart DNA.

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Order Paternity Test Kit

This test kit will be sent to the address specified on your order within 2-3 working days.

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Collect Your Samples

The test kit will contain cotton swabs for each person that will be providing their sample for testing, along with an easy to follow manual. Following the instructions on the manual, use the cotton swabs provided in the test kit to collect your samples.

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We pick up your samples

Once your samples have been properly collected, we come to pick them up at your specified address.

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Get Test Results

Your samples are sent to our accredited lab where they are tested and reviewed twice to ensure quality. The results are provided within 5-7 working days after the collection of your samples.

For Office Test

If you prefer to have the test at our office, please book appointment

In a Nutshell


Alleged parent and child/children


Results are ready within 5 to 7 working days of collecting DNA samples.


Mouth swab or toothbrush of the parties to be tested

Personal Paternity DNA Testing With Other Types Of Samples

At Smart DNA, we also offer Home Paternity DNA test using samples other samples like hairs, bloodstains, fingernails, clothes e.t.c. You can use this method when it’s impossible for you to provide a saliva (oral swab) sample.

If you have more questions or you need more information, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are always happy to help you.