How to do DNA Test in Nigeria: A Guide to DNA Testing Procedure

DNA is a genetic material that is contained in every living organism and found in most cells of the body. These genetic materials are usually inherited from each biological parent, that is half from the father and the other half from the mother. Genetic materials also carry information that is responsible for the development and functioning of living organisms. 

A DNA test is a genetic test in which a person’s DNA is extracted and analyzed to identify certain factors, based on the objective of the test. They are best for answering questions on paternity/maternity issues, genetic diseases, ancestry histories, etc. 

Since every human shares DNA with their parents, DNA testing is accurate for establishing relationships. It also helps in identifying genetic disorders, understanding your personal traits and other interesting details about yourself such as how your gene affects your body’s response to certain drugs.  All these are achieved by analyzing a person’s genetic materials.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through how to do a DNA test

Find a DNA center

If you are considering taking a DNA test, it is important that you choose a professional center that you can trust. Search for an accredited testing facility that follows internationally accepted procedures for carrying out a DNA test.

Book an appointment

After carefully selecting a center of your choice, you might want to book an appointment to speak with a representative of the center. This will afford you the opportunity to understand the different types of DNA testing services on offer, their use cases, procedures and cost implications.

Sample collection and Testing

Subsequently, the next step is to collect samples for the test. There are several samples that participants can submit for a DNA test. The sample can be collected from a buccal swab, blood, hair, nail clippings, toothbrush etc. 

However, the most used collection method is the buccal swab which involves swabbing inside the cheeks of the participants for buccal (cheek) cells. The cheek can be swabbed on-site (within the physical location of the DNA center) or from the comfort of your home via the home testing kits.

As long as the collected sample produces enough DNA profiles for analysis, whatever sample collection method you choose for your DNA testing will provide you with an accurate result except, of course, different sample types have different cost implications. As noted earlier, the buccal swab is the cheapest and most reliable sample collection method. After collection, the samples are taken to the laboratory, where the DNA is extracted from the cells, amplified and analyzed.

Get your result

Upon completion of the test from the laboratory, the result will be sent to you. This usually takes a period of 3-7 days, depending on the center. 

Need DNA testing services in Nigeria? 

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