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Nigeria’s Most Reliable and Private DNA Testing

Smart DNA is a leading DNA testing centre based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide fully accredited DNA testing services to clients in accordance with the highest international standards. 

Formed in partnership with some of the preeminent Biotechnology companies and labs in the world, Smart DNA offers the most comprehensive sets of DNA tests in Nigeria. Our DNA tests have been recognized by the NCBI, the most important genetic organisation in the world.

Whether you seek to establish paternity, family relationship or test your disposition to hundreds of common diseases, we are here to help. 

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These Are Some Of Our Tests

Paternity Testing

DNA paternity testing focused on providing people with the answers they need. 

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Covid-19 Antibody Test

Do you want to know if you have immunity to COVID 19? This test would give you answers.

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Genetic Predisposition To Diseases

Discover your genetic predisposition to develop over 100 diseases with this test.

Complex Diseases

Wellness Test

Are you predisposed to obesity? How would your response to exercise or diet be? Find out interesting details about yourself.

List of Wellness

Personal Traits

Would you have a tendency to gambling? Do you have a genetic predisposition to avoid mistakes?

List of Personal Traits

Pharmacological Compactibility

Why don’t some medicines have the effect you expected? Discover which ones would have an effect.

Medicine/Drug List

Why Choose Us

Fully Accredited

The laboratories that test your samples hold internationally recognized accreditation, including ISO 9001.

Private and Confidential

 All samples and tests collected are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

99.9% Accuracy

Our DNA tests go through rigorous reviews and different inspections of the DNA testing processes and laboratory protocols.

Affordable Pricing

At Smart DNA, our DNA testing services are priced at affordable rates.

Fast Test Results

Our results are provided within 5-7 days after your sample is collected.

Excellent Customer Service

We are available to guide you throughout your testing process via phone, chat, or email.

How To Go About The DNA Testing

For a step by step process of our home sample collection process, click the button below

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For other tests using a different sample collection procedure, please contact our customer support team, for more information on sample collection and how to book an appointment. 

Please Note: To ensure accurate results, please carefully follow our DNA sample collection manual that comes with your test kit. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I want to thank the Smart DNA team for the way in which they handled my test in a confidential and professional manner. Not quite the result I was expecting but I’m glad I know the truth now.

Babajide. A

Thank you Smart DNA for confirming that I am the father of my son. I am relieved, happy and grateful.

Musa. S

I have never heard of infidelity DNA testing, I was reluctant to try it. The team explained the processes to me, supported me and I am happy with my decision to take the test

Felix. O

I got my result within 8 days of giving my samples. I highly recommend Smart DNA

Bello. A

I am so happy I made the decision to take a DNA test, and I did it with the right DNA centre. I am satisfied with the results. Thanks, guys

Muyiwa. M

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