DNA Paternity Test in Lagos

There are many reasons why people take a DNA paternity test in Lagos, Nigeria. A DNA paternity test can be used for different reasons ranging from Peace Of Mind, Legal or Immigration purposes. If you seek a DNA Paternity test for any of the reasons listed, you are in the right place. 

Smart DNA is a leading DNA testing centre based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide fully accredited DNA testing service to clients in accordance with the highest international standards. Whether you seek to establish a DNA Paternity Test, for Peace of mind, Legal or Immigration purposes, we are here to help you. 

DNA Paternity Test Procedure

The standard process of a DNA Paternity test involves collecting samples from the parties involved. Each type of DNA paternity test has different sample collection methods and they are explained below. 

Peace of Mind DNA Paternity Testing 

A Peace of Mind DNA paternity test is the simplest and quickest way to confirm whether or not an alleged man is the biological father of a child. For a peace of mind DNA test, samples will be collected from the alleged father and child/children. This test can be performed with or without a sample from the mother.

To collect samples for a peace of mind DNA test, you can choose to collect  DNA samples at the convenience of your home or walk into our center. Either way, the process involves the parties involved, to rub the inside of their cheek and gum for about 30 seconds, with cotton swabs provided by Smart DNA. 

Where it is not possible to have an oral swab, then other samples like hairs, fingernails, toothbrush can be used.


Legal DNA Paternity Testing

At Smart DNA, we offer a court-approved legal DNA test for clients who need their test results to be used in a court of law. A legal test can be used to settle different family-related legal matters like alimony, child custody, child support, inheritance dispute e.t.c. 

Sample collection for a legal test follows a strict chain of procedures. Unlike peace of mind DNA tests where individuals can choose to collect their samples, a legal paternity test requires that all parties involved have their DNA samples collected  by a neutral third party called the sampler for transparency. The sampler will be the only person handling the swabs. Swab samples need to be collected from every DNA test participant by rubbing the swabs inside the mouth for about thirty seconds.


Immigration DNA Test

Collecting samples for an immigration DNA test is slightly different. For an immigration DNA test to be legally admissible, samples must be collected following a strict process. Samples must be collected by an independent third party, typically a medically registered professional such as your family doctor or practice nurse. This person is called the sampler, and they are responsible for verifying the identity of each party being tested.


How Long Does It Take To Get My Results

At Smart DNA, your samples are sent to our accredited lab where they are tested and reviewed twice to ensure quality. The results are provided within 5-7 working days after the collection of your samples. 

With Smart DNA, you are guaranteed an accurate, confidential and affordable DNA Paternity test in Lagos, Nigeria. Using the best equipment and latest technology we can provide you with conclusive evidence in no time, professionally and confidentially. For more information about our services, speak to our customer care representative on +234 802 984 0246