Can a DNA Test Be Done Secretly In Nigeria?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Smart DNA is, can I do a secret Paternity DNA test without the other party knowing? This question comes sometimes from the man who does not want the wife to know he is doubting her fidelity, and sometimes from the woman who thinks her child might […]

5 Reasons To Confirm The Paternity Of Your Child In Nigeria

What is a Paternity DNA Test? A paternity DNA Test is the simplest and most accurate method of determining if an alleged man is the biological father of a child. It uses  DNA markers to confirm if an alleged father and a child share a biological relationship.  Every individual inherits genetic markers from their parents; […]

How to do DNA Test in Nigeria: A Guide to DNA Testing Procedure

DNA is a genetic material that is contained in every living organism and found in most cells of the body. These genetic materials are usually inherited from each biological parent, that is half from the father and the other half from the mother. Genetic materials also carry information that is responsible for the development and […]

DNA Paternity Test in Lagos

paternity dna test in Nigeria - smartdna nigeria

There are many reasons why people take a DNA paternity test in Lagos, Nigeria. A DNA paternity test can be used for different reasons ranging from Peace Of Mind, Legal or Immigration purposes. If you seek a DNA Paternity test for any of the reasons listed, you are in the right place.  Smart DNA is […]