Can a DNA Test Be Done Secretly In Nigeria?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Smart DNA is, can I do a secret Paternity DNA test without the other party knowing? This question comes sometimes from the man who does not want the wife to know he is doubting her fidelity, and sometimes from the woman who thinks her child might actually not belong to her husband/baby daddy but wants to be sure. 

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about secret Paternity DNA testing, including alternative methods of DNA sample collection.

Can I do a secret Paternity DNA Test? 

The answer is YES. It is possible to do a secret DNA test without the knowledge of your partner and sometimes, without the knowledge of the child.  

A discrete or secret DNA testing could mean collecting samples secretly with a home test kit or visiting a DNA testing center with the child and receiving your result in a confidential way. It could also mean using sample collection methods other than a buccal swab which can attract questions. Using a buccal swab for the aim of maintaining confidentiality might not be suitable if an older child has to be tested.

How can I do a secret Paternity DNA test?

Now that we have established the possibility of doing a secret Paternity DNA test, it is important to understand that it can only be done for peace of mind and cannot be used in legal proceedings. For a DNA test to be admissible by the court, it must be carried out under the proper chain of custody. It means that the sample collection for the DNA test must be carried out in front of the judge or in presence of a court-appointed representative. Also, legal DNA tests require a consent signature from the person whose samples were submitted or have the consent form signed by a legal guardian for minors under 18. Therefore, a legal DNA test cannot be done in secret.

For whatever reason you have decided to do a secret paternity test, your first assignment is to search for a reputable and accredited DNA testing facility and request an alternative sample collection method to buccal swab and the additional cost implication. 

If the test will be conducted without the knowledge of the other party, you should consider one of the following sample collection methods. 

Toothbrush DNA Test

DNA profile is extracted from the toothbrush to test for the biological relationship between an alleged father and child. The DNA relationship test can only be performed if the DNA profile can be extracted from the toothbrush because there are instances where it might be impossible. 

How does a Toothbrush DNA test work?

To use this method, simply send the child’s toothbrush in an envelope to the testing facility. The toothbrush must have been used within 1 to 3 months before the test. After use, the toothbrush shouldn’t be cleaned; instead, it should be sent dry. It is also crucial to ensure that the toothbrush has not been used by more than one person prior to the test. 

An advantage of using this method is that participants need not be aware that the toothbrush will be used for a DNA test. Note that the type of toothpaste and method of brushing does not affect the result of the test. 

Nail Clippings

Nail Clipping DNA Test provides an alternate means of acquiring a DNA sample for the purposes of completing a Paternity DNA test. It involves extracting DNA profiles from either fingernail or toenail clippings. The DNA relationship test can only be performed if the DNA profile can be extracted from the nail clippings because there are instances where it might be impossible. To use this method, simply send samples of the nail clippings to the testing center.

Other discreet samples include; blood-stained garments, snotty tissue, chewing gum, semen stain, skin tissue, licked envelope, fingernail clippings, hair, cigarette butt, earwax on a cotton bud, licked stamp, and used band-aid.

Where can I get a secret Paternity test?

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