Frequently Asked Questions About DNA Testing in Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions about DNA testing in Nigeria. What is DNA testing? DNA testing is like a checkup for your genes. It uses a swab or blood sample to look at your DNA and see if there are any signs of health risks or conditions. It can also tell you about your […]

An Overview of Legal DNA Test in Nigeria

A legal DNA test is a court-approved test for people who need their test results to be admissible in a court of law. It is important to understand that the legal DNA test is different from a standard personal paternity test, which is only done for ‘peace of mind’ (i.e., purely for informative reasons). A […]

An Overview of Immigration DNA Test in Nigeria

As part of immigration and visiting procedures to countries like the USA, Canada, UK and the EU, candidates are sometimes requested to perform relationship DNA tests. Immigration officials request this test for different reasons – to prove family ties using DNA from parents, siblings, paternal aunts, uncles and grandparents living outside the country or to […]

An Overview of Paternity DNA Test While Pregnant

There are situations where an expectant mother has just one question- Who is the father of my unborn child? This question is usually accompanied with a feeling of distress alongside the overwhelming demands of pregnancy. But amidst the rush of emotions and uncertainty,  is it possible to do a DNA test while pregnant?  Yes! This […]

Everything You Need to Know About Paternity DNA Testing in Nigeria

In a moment of paternity doubt, seeking answers can be a means of embracing peace of mind. As a father, being unsure of the paternity of your children can be an emotionally draining experience, leaving you worried and probably fearful. A paternity DNA test doesn’t just provide clarity in situations like this, it helps you […]

SmartDNA Relocates To A New Location In Lagos, Nigeria

SmartDNA moves to a new address

We are thrilled to announce to our valued partners and clients that SmartDNA, a leading provider of accurate and confidential paternity testing services has relocated to a new location in Lagos. As of September 1, 2023, SmartDNA will be conducting business at our new address: 1A, Johnson Oguntuyo Street, Atunrase Estate, Gbagada, Lagos, 100235, Nigeria. […]

At What Age Can a DNA Test Be Done on a Child in Nigeria? A Comprehensive Guide

DNA test in Nigeria

The advent of DNA testing has significantly transformed how we establish biological relationships, resolve legal matters, and understand our ancestry. One common question that often arises, particularly in the context of paternity testing, is about the appropriate age for a child to undergo a DNA test. If you’re based in Nigeria and are considering a […]

Can I Do a DNA Test When I Am Pregnant? A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal DNA Testing

Knowing the biological connection between a baby and its prospective father before birth can offer significant peace of mind and help with preparation for the baby’s arrival. But is it possible to conduct a DNA test while pregnant? The short answer is – Yes. However, it involves a more specialized procedure known as prenatal DNA […]

Understanding the Requirements for a Paternity DNA Test In Nigeria: An Essential Guide

Paternity DNA tests have been helping millions of people across the globe uncover biological relationships and gain clarity in family matters. They are the most reliable method for confirming a biological relationship between an alleged father and a child. But what are the requirements to conduct a paternity DNA test? In this blog post, we […]