Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing In Nigeria – How to Determine the Father of A Child Before Birth

It is no more news that a lot of expecting mothers in Nigeria are uncertain about who the father of their unborn child is. Dealing with paternity questions while pregnant can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for a woman. However, advancements in lab technology now make it possible to find out the paternity of an unborn baby from as early as 9 weeks. This kind of DNA testing is called the prenatal paternity test

What is a Prenatal Paternity Test?

A prenatal paternity test can identify whether a man is a biological father of a child before the baby is born (during pregnancy).

What is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test?

The non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test is the most accurate and safest way to establish paternity during pregnancy. It involves taking a blood sample from the mother, and cheek (buccal) swabs from the alleged father(s) to conduct a fetal cell analysis. A baby’s DNA is passed into the mother’s bloodstream via the placenta during pregnancy. The test is performed by analyzing the baby’s DNA and comparing DNA markers to the alleged father(s). The result is more than 99% accurate and this test can be performed as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

Unlike other invasive prenatal tests that involve taking cells from the placenta (chorionic villus sampling or CVS test) or extracting a sample of amniotic fluid (amniocentesis), all that is required for the non-invasive paternity test are DNA samples from the parties involved. This test poses zero risk to the mother and the unborn baby.

How Are Samples Collected?

The non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test sample collection process is very straightforward. A blood sample of about 1 x 10 mL is collected from the expectant mother and the alleged father’s sample is collected with a mouth swab. The mouth swab needs to be rubbed firmly on the inside of both cheeks for at least 20 seconds to collect cheek (buccal) cells. At Smart DNA, these are the steps involved for sample collection:

  • Book an appointment
  • Come at the appointed date to have your samples collected by our highly trained staff. 

How Much Does a Prenatal Paternity DNA Test Cost in Nigeria?

The cost of a non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test in Nigeria ranges between 800 thousand to 1.5 Million Naira. Prices can vary according to testing centers around the country. At Smart DNA, our prenatal paternity DNA costs 950 thousand Naira with results available in 14 days. You have the option to pay twice. 70% as the first payment and the remaining 30% when your result is ready. 

What Does The Testing Process Involve? 

Once samples have been received from both the mother and alleged father, the samples are sent to the laboratory where DNA is extracted from both parents’ samples. The isolated DNA samples are amplified and analyzed. By comparing the DNA markers in the baby’s DNA profile with the alleged father’s profile, paternity can be established. If the tested man is the biological father of the baby, both will share a common DNA. When the tested man is not the biological father there will be differences in the DNA of the alleged father and the baby.

How Accurate is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test?

With the recent advancement in lab technology, this test is highly advanced and the results are accurate. At Smart DNA, our prenatal paternity test DNA test analysis over 5,000 genetic markers to determine paternity with 99.9% accuracy. We also test all our samples twice, so we can be sure your result is highly accurate.

Is the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test Right For Me?

The non-invasive prenatal paternity test is for expecting mothers or families who cannot or would rather not wait for the child to be born to do a paternity test. This test can provide peace of mind or clear doubt for the parties involved. 

Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing At Smart DNA

If you are considering getting a non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test, it is important that you choose a professional DNA center that you can trust. Smart DNA is a leading provider of DNA testing in Nigeria. We provide fully accredited DNA testing services to clients in accordance with the highest international standards. Formed in partnership with some of the preeminent Biotechnology companies and labs in the world, we offer the most comprehensive sets of DNA tests in Nigeria. We are always available to provide you with the answers you need to help move forward personally, legally, and medically. Learn more about our non-invasive prenatal paternity test here.