Legal Paternity DNA Test

Get a court-admissible DNA test results that meet the requirements of the court of law. At Smart DNA, we provide legal paternity, maternity and relationship tests. 

Legal Paternity DNA Test

Test: Alleged parent and child/children
Timeframe: Results are ready within 5 to 7 working days of collecting DNA samples.

At Smart DNA, we offer a court-approved legal DNA test for clients who need their test results to be used in a court of law. A DNA legal test can be used to settle different family-related legal matters like alimony, child custody, child support, inheritance dispute, change of name on birth certificate e.t.c. This test results provide reliable evidence on who the biological father or mother is.

How Legal DNA Samples Are Collected

A legal test follows a strict chain of procedures. Unlike some DNA tests where individuals are responsible for collecting their samples, a legal test has a different procedure. A legal paternity test requires that all parties involved have their DNA samples collected at an accredited facility. 

Samples are collected from the alleged father and the child (or mother and child in the case of a Legal Maternity Test). by a neutral third party called the sampler. The parties involved in the legal DNA test will be the one to choose a sampler and Smart DNA will send a legal sample collection kit directly to the chosen sampler. The kit will  contain:

  • Oral swabs for each person
  • Instructions manual
  • Consent forms


Carrying out a legal paternity DNA test is very straightforward. The Court Approved DNA tests require that an independent witness, such as a health professional, oversees the sample collection process and verification of photo ID to maintain chain of custody. The sampler will be the only person handling the swabs. Swab samples need to be collected from every test participant by rubbing the swabs inside the mouth for ten seconds. The guide manual inside the kit will explain the procedure to follow and any precautions required.

A consent form is also included in the process. The content form entails personal details such as names, surnames, email addresses and provided signatures. The consent forms must be returned to us along with the samples.

Results will be available within 5 – 7 working days, from when we receive your samples. These results will only be sent to the parties tested (or their legal guardian), or to the email addresses provided at the time of sample collection. Please be rest assured that your results are completely confidential. 

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Our DNA tests are 100% conclusive for exclusion and greater than 99.9% for inclusion. 

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