Infidelity DNA Test

Do you think your spouse may be cheating on you? Perhaps you found out suspicious behaviours or clothing. Smart DNA can help you find out reliable answers of whether your spouse has cheated or not. 

Infidelity DNA Test

Price: 160.000 (No Extra Fee)
Testing: Alleged spouse/partner
Timeframe: Results are ready within 5 to 7 working days of collecting samples.

Infidelity is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or a romantic partner. It is a very sensitive subject that is often not easy to find evidence to prove assumptions. At Smart DNA, we understand how tiring these doubts can be, and this is why we help you get clarity over suspected infidelity. 

Our infidelity DNA test is a science-based solution that can give you answers to your infidelity questions. We ensure our infidelity test is accurate, fast and private.

Infidelity Test Procedure

When it comes to infidelity DNA testing, several samples can be used to get answers to infidelity questions. Clients can send in different types of samples varying from Toothbrush, Used Condoms, Semen Stains, Underwear, Stained Sheets, Hair, Blood or any other item that arouse suspicion. Samples can be collected from the suspected partner or the person you believe he/she is seeing. 

To conduct an infidelity test with Smart DNA, you will send a sample from your partner or the person you think is involved. You also provide your DNA sample and we analyze the samples, providing you with reliable answers you seek. A full evaluation is given to clients about the sample they plan on using, so they can understand the chances of successful DNA extraction. 

Semen Detection Test

The semen detection test can be carried out if you don’t need a full DNA test but want to know if a sample contains semen or not. This type of test is simple and quick and it only determines the presence of semen.

At Smart DNA, we understand that each case is unique so we offer multiple testing options to best serve your needs. Results are always available within 5 – 7  working days.

Quick, Easy and Reliable DNA Testing

We provide paternity DNA testing for individuals, courts, embassies and immigration offices.

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Our DNA tests are 100% conclusive for exclusion and greater than 99.9% for inclusion. 

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