Do you want to know if you have immunity to COVID 19?

COVID-19 Antibody Test

Our Covid-19 laboratory antibody test will tell you if you have any antibodies to help fight a Covid-19 viral infection, either from having been infected with coronavirus in the past, or from being vaccinated. Our Covid-19 antibody test will analyse a sample of your blood to detect the presence of Covid-19 specific antibodies, including Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common type of antibody. Your results will tell you if you have been exposed to Covid-19 in the past by determining the amount of Covid-19-specific antibodies in your bloodstream.
Your report will provide a quantitative result that relates to the level of Covid-19 antibodies within your sample and whether the level is low, medium, high or not detected.

Antibodies from Infection or Vaccine

Tracking your IgG levels will give you an indication of your level of immunity to a SARS CoV-2 infection. This new and innovative laboratory antibody test is designed to give you peace of mind about the level of protection you have from either vaccination or natural exposure to the virus. It will potentially highlight those people who have a poor immune response and therefore need to take extra care. If you order an antibody immunity test from Smart DNA, you will be sent an easy-to-use sample collection kit to collect the blood spot sample in the comfort and privacy of your own home & return to our laboratory to be analysed. You can also walk into our office to have the sample taken.

Does the detection of antibodies mean that I am immune to Covid-19?

No, the detection of antibodies does not mean that you are immune to Covid-19 and does not mean that you cannot be infected. However, the presence of antibodies within a sample demonstrates that your body has staged an immune response to the virus (either as a result of a previous infection or Covid-19 vaccination). It means that you should have some protection against a serious infection and should be less infectious towards others.

What will the results tell me?

Your report will provide a quantitative result that relates to the level of Covid-19 antibodies within your sample and whether the level is low, medium, high or not detected. The presence of antibodies provides assurance that your vaccine has been successful, or that you have had a previous Covid-19 infection. Testing can be used to track antibody levels over time. It can help determine whether you require a booster or can be used as proof of having Covid-19-specific antibodies for certain situations (e.g. admission to events).

Will this test tell me if my vaccine has worked?

If you haven’t had a Covid-19 infection, then the presence of antibodies indicates that the vaccine has been successful and that your body has staged an immune response against the virus. The test should be taken at least 14 days after vaccination. 

Can these tests be used as evidence of having Covid-19-specific antibodies for international travel?

Some countries accept laboratory-based antibody reports as evidence of having Covid-19- specific antibodies for international travel. Please check the guidelines of the country you are travelling to in order to establish whether this test would be suitable or acceptable.

What is in the antibody test kit?

The kit contains everything you need to collect your sample and return it to our lab. This includes an instruction sheet, an alcohol wipe, two blood lancets (including one spare, in case required), a blood sample collection card, and a pre-paid tracked envelope to return your sample free of charge.

How do I send my sample back to the lab?

Once you have collected your blood sample, follow the instructions provided and post it back to our office either through any courier service. If you are in Lagos, we can also come to your place to pick it up.

How do I get my results?

You will receive your results within 5 – 7 working days of your sample being received at our office. You results will be sent by email using the email address provided on your account.

Affordable Testing

Covid-19 Antibody & Immunity Test costs just N80,000 only.

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